Friday, 25 January 2008

Ms. Devers and the Imperial System, Indeed!

A letter from America:

Seattle, Washington

Hello, Hackney Blogger!

The story of Ms. Devers and her travails before the Hackney Council were
featured last evening on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news show, "As It Happens," that leaks across the border. The piece included an interview with Ms. Devers that touched a nerve on the other side of the world (well, eight time zones distant, anyway), in part because she and I are the same age. "Metric Martyr" puts it mildly, I'd say.

We both grew up learning - and admiring - a Britain for which that inspiring phrase, "so many owe so much to so few" did not describe the apparent
relationship between the residents and the governing body of Hackney. Not at
all your "finest hour" to put up with this crew of people "clothed in a little authority," to borrow from another prominent Brit of yore.

I could relate how metric was tried and soundly rejected here thirty and
more years ago, including the use of shotguns on roadside speed limit and
distance signs, but I have a better idea: Send your delightfully batty Council
here for a vacation or even a lecture tour.

Yes, perhaps they could come to inform us benighted colonials about the benefits and requirements of metric. I'd bet you wouldn't get them back unless they had private medical insurance and perhaps if they displayed the same stupid attitude they'd find out why so many Americans keep guns in the homes and shops.

Don't you have Recall or Initiative and Referendum rights? Good luck casting off your tyranny!



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have our Imperial family said...

I am a 44 year old British man that along with all other Brits, learnt the metric system from the beginning of my schooling.

I along with the rest of my and younger generations know absolutely nothing about The Imperial system [apart from knowing that I am 5ft 10 inches tall].

We should get rid of the last vestiges of this outdated and confusing system once and for all.
Metric is far simpler, more logical and easier to calculate.

The Americas, where ever they are, are perfectly welcome to do as they want. Leave us Europeans to do as we want please or next you will be calling for the reintroduction of the Groat.