Thursday, 1 June 2006

Stokefest Cancelled!!

Hackney Council forgets apply for the licence necessary to stage one of the Borough's most popular annual events. From Indymedia.

Immortalised in the classic techno anthem 'Hackney Council are a Bunch of Cunts' it seems the bungling bureacrats have let down Hackney residents again. According to today's Hackney Gazette dipstick council officials forgot to apply for the necessary licence leaving the festival unable to go ahead and hundreds of local volunteers having wasted hours of their time.

Organisers are now hoping to re-schedule the event in September which should leave enough time for the muppets at Hackney Council to get their act together.

The statement on the Stokefest website reads

'Stokefest06 will not be taking place on Sunday 11th June 2006 as planned, because Hackney Council does not have a premises licence in place for Clissold Park.

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