Friday, 22 December 2006

Hackney planning dept in complete disarray

The Local Government Ombudsman criticises the Planning Department for administrative malpractice. Days later, Head of Planning Sue Foster was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List "for services to Planning".

Hackney Council has been heavily criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman for failing to take enforcement action on planning breaches over several years.

Local Government Ombudsman, Tony Redmond, today (22 December 2006) issued three reports on the investigation of complaints against the London Borough of Hackney.

The complaints were made by residents about the Council’s failure over periods of three to four years to deal with unauthorised works carried out to properties adjoining their homes. He finds the Council to be at fault in failing to take enforcement action and recommends in each case that it pays compensation of £500 as well as ensuring any outstanding enforcement action is now dealt with without delay.

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Monday, 17 July 2006

Council Cock-Ups See Mobile Masts Go Ahead

From Workers Liberty. Hackney Council cock-up results in mobile masts being built against residents' wishes.

It seems that here in Hackney, we are not alone in having an incompetent Council when it comes to mobile phone masts and planning permission. After an effective campaign by local residents, Hackney Council refused permission to O2 to erect a mast on London Fields, just metres away from a primary school, a kids' paddling pool, an estate (Wayman Court) and residential streets. But the Council missed the deadline to notify O2, so it got the permission by default.

According to Mast Sanity, several other Councils have been equally crap, and their misdeeds are listed at the end of this post. Strangely, this hall of shame is not particularly reassuring to Hackney residents - but it does expose just how much local democracy is degraded by Town Hall bureaucrats.

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Thursday, 1 June 2006

Stokefest Cancelled!!

Hackney Council forgets apply for the licence necessary to stage one of the Borough's most popular annual events. From Indymedia.

Immortalised in the classic techno anthem 'Hackney Council are a Bunch of Cunts' it seems the bungling bureacrats have let down Hackney residents again. According to today's Hackney Gazette dipstick council officials forgot to apply for the necessary licence leaving the festival unable to go ahead and hundreds of local volunteers having wasted hours of their time.

Organisers are now hoping to re-schedule the event in September which should leave enough time for the muppets at Hackney Council to get their act together.

The statement on the Stokefest website reads

'Stokefest06 will not be taking place on Sunday 11th June 2006 as planned, because Hackney Council does not have a premises licence in place for Clissold Park.

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Friday, 13 January 2006

Squatted Café resists Hackney Council Sell-Off

From the Schnews.

There’s a gold rush afoot in east London, and we’re not invited. Also left in the cold is Sicilian café-owner Tony Platia who, together with other locals in the borough of Hackney, has recently re-occupied Francesca’s Café, his business of 30 years, after being booted out last summer. It was one of many premises sold from under tenants’ feet as the Council scrambled to dispose of their property over the last few years.

Now the shop front has turned frontline, barricaded in the battle to halt an ongoing stampede of investors and speculators, trailing a stench of corruption in their wake that would make Robert Mugabe blush. Tony had right of first refusal and tried to buy his place – but his cheques somehow kept getting lost in the post before they reached the Council. You, too, could get a slice of the real estate pie – if you don’t mind furnishing the right officials with a few back-handers.

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