Sunday, 1 April 2012


This blog is about Hackney Council's famous incompetence. It contains far too much information about bureaucratic failure and corruption, but we hope that it will remind council officials that they are in fact accountable to us, Hackney's voters and taxpayers.

Hackney residents have long had to put up with a council that rides roughshod over them. This is our way of saying we care.

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Luke Akehurst said...

You sad little people. Calling us "incompetent" is like calling the mafia "pizza salesmen". Go ask Bernard Crofton, who decided entirely of his own volition to move to Paris. You are just another bunch of pathetic swimmers and cyclists who want to live in a country of thatched roofs. Whereas we want to live in a country of Thatched Downing Streets. Get real, losers.

Penny said...
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prison rights said...

Unfortunately your view is probably echoed around the country, most people are unhappy with the services their local council provide.

Razzo 86 said...

Dear Luke
I just found out qbout this blog because I was looking for it.

I've been through so much for the incompetency in Hackney council.

The feeling is the staff is divided between people who know their own thing and a massive group of people who were placed there for...equal opportunity? (my step mother works in citizen advance bureau and she can confirm the struggle with you people is real).
All I know is that to solve one issue (like some refound Due to their miscalculation or misconmunication) I have to call 10 times wasting time and money. Example: Almost one year ago I was randomly accused about owing the council an amount for over payment. I knew since I got the letter that was pure immagination so I kept my cool and mande my way trough citizen advance bureau to prepeare a proper letter to send to the council and prove my innocence. Your people had to suck it up (it happened so often mate) and told me I would had received a refound. Funny enough, you are very quick on demanding people money but hell you take your time when is your time to do your part:

The first one tells me it' s all ok and I need only to wait. After months I call again only to discover from another member (a competent one) the other guy screwed up and I have to wait from then (15 november 2015) as he didn't raise any payment. After more months I call to hear a clueless lady that the payment alredy happened weeks before. But that turns out not to be true (happened twice) so I have to call again to speak with another guy who confim I'm right. Eventually, after 5-6 long phone calls with different people with very different version. a guy calls me and tells me I received a checque weeks ago. Not only that never happened, but also doesn't matches with the previous statements by his collegues.

Basically is like all of you is a different department. Even a lady responsible for organic waste was not able to answer my questions.

Is that a council or some school project?.

If you wanna get offended and claim I'm being unfair Luke, be my guest, but you can talk for yourself only. Seriously I can keep on going all day long and I'm so pissed off I will if you ask me.

Though let me say ,you acting like you don't know what we're talking about, it's just a further proof on how bad is the communication between you guys. If you claim to be one of the few good ones, I guess I can only hope next time I call, the magic roulette chooses you.