Friday, 10 August 2007

Bike bureaucracy bungle

From the Hackney Gazette:

ANGRY cyclists lost out on £50,000 to kit out their estate with secure bike lockers as a result of a bureaucratic bungle.

The Frampton Park Residents' Association had secured Transport for London (Tfl) funding to build 75 lockers at Loddiges House.

But between them, Hackney Council and Hackney Homes failed to return the application form in time.

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Trevor Parsons said...

It's not true that the problem was just that an application deadline was missed. The residents swung the TfL money quite late in the financial year, requiring Hackney's transport department and Hackney Homes to deal some thorny issues to do with procurement, planning and ongoing management from a standing start. Unfortunately these issues couldn't be worked out in time, despite the best efforts of some dedicated officers. More info.

If good news isn't too out of place on this blog, the Frampton Park estate cycle lockers are being installed now, and will be available for hire to residents from mid-June. We're grateful to everyone in the tenants and residents association, Hackney Homes, Hackney Council and Transport for London who've co-operated to make this happen.

Trevor Parsons
Hackney Cyclists